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  • The course seeks to increase participant awareness, understanding and an appreciation for the importance of joint and interagency efforts to confront the hybrid defense and security challenges facing governments today, both regionally and internationally.

  • This course is tailored in response to the defense policy goals of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs, and the objectives of the Combatant Commands

  • The issue with our application portal has been resolved. In light of this, the deadline for has been extended until 18 January 2022.

    Tailored in response to the defense policy goals of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs and the objectives of the Combatant Commands, particularly those related to DoD efforts to combat transnational threats

  • The course explores the increasing challenges to cyber security at the national, international and transnational levels. This is a comprehensive, non-technical course, for government and private sector cyber professionals.

  • The goal of the HADR course is to educate decision-makers from the region who work closely on HADR programs in their country as well as to improve the capacity of US and partner nation forces to respond to humanitarian crises and disasters.

  • Defense Governance (DG) explores relevant concepts, institutions, norms, values, processes, and methodologies related to the functioning and effectiveness of Defense Governance within a democratic state.



The Perry Center publishes original works by faculty, staff, alumni, and international colleagues through a variety of print and digital outlets. The current lineup of publications includes Regional Insights and Occasional Papers, as well as special reports and books. We welcome submissions in English and Spanish for any of the publication types. We also feature the work of our faculty and staff published by external entities.


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