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Perry Quarterly

Publication Dates:
2018 - Present
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A short newsletter which consolidates information about recent and upcoming Perry Center events.
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icon Perry Quarterly 2018 no. 3
icon Perry Quarterly 2018 no. 2
icon Perry Quarterly 2018 no. 1
icon Perry Quarterly 2019 no. 1

Alumni Spotlights Magazine

Publication Dates:
2014 - Present
Language Availability:
English, Spanish
The Alumni Spotlights magazine is an annual publication which highlights the experiences and achievements of alumni of the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies and demonstrates the exceptional impact its alumni are making around the world. All spotlights are also featured on our web site and social media pages. If you would like to share your accomplishments, please fill out out the Alumni Spotlights form.

Associated Files:
icon Alumni Spotlights 2019.pdf
icon Alumni Spotlights 2018.pdf
icon Alumni Spotlights 2017.pdf
icon Alumni Spotlights 2016.pdf
icon Alumni Spotlights 2015.pdf
icon Alumni Spotlights 2014.pdf

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icon Alumni Spotlights 2019
icon Alumni Spotlights 2018
icon Alumni Spotlights 2017
icon Alumni Spotlights 2016
icon Alumni Spotlights 2015
icon Alumni Spotlights 2014

Perry Center Annual Report

Publication Dates:
2011 - Present
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The Perry Center has published a fiscal year (FY) Annual Report since 2011. Each report covers the educational programs, outreach activities, and achievements of the Center that occurred throughout the year. The Annual Reports serve as a foundational primer on who we are, what we do, and the impact we have in the Western Hemisphere.

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