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The Hemispheric Forum is a unique Perry Center vehicle that takes advantage of the abundance of subject-matter experts and the community of interest in Western Hemisphere affairs. The format of each program is a panel discussion centered on a timely and important topic, with expert panelists representing government, think tanks, and academia.
Energy Developments in the Greater Caribbean Region
The Impact of Energy Developments in the Greater Caribbean Region, panelists from left to right: Mr. Mark Wilkins, Director, Perry Center; Mr. Robert F. Ichford, Jr, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Energy Resources, US Department of State; Mr. Jorge R. Piñón, Director, Latin American and Caribbean Energy Program, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas; Mr. Juan S. González, Special Advisor to the Vice President on Western Hemisphere Affairs; Dr. Frank Mora, Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) and Professor of Politics at Florida International University; and Mr. Walter Earle, Visiting Professor, Perry Center.


Emerging Technologies in the Americas
Security and Defense Challenges Posed by Emerging Technologies in the Americas: Cybersecurity, Drones (Unmanned Systems), and Robotics, panelists from left to right: Maj Gen (ret.) Frederick F. Roggero, USAF, President & CEO, Resilient Solutions, Ltd.; Dr. Marty Trevino, Organizational Architect and Senior Strategist, National Security Agency; and Dr. Boris Saavedra, Professor of Practice, Perry Center

Hemispheric Forums

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