Perry Center Launches New Workshop on Women, Peace, and Security

WPS Workshop
September 08, 2022

Yesterday, Dr. Paul Angelo, Director of the Perry Center, welcomed 39 participants to a new workshop, "Strategic and Policy Implications of UNSCR 1325: Women, Peace, and Security." Offered in partnership with U.S. Southern Command, the focus of the three-day forum is on designing policies that maximize the meaningful participation of women in security and defense activities. Participants include military and civilian participants from 13 partner nations in the Americas. The workshop, led by Dr. Fabiana Perera, is being held in conjunction with the Perry Center’s 2022 Defense Governance course. "It is appropriate and fortunate because the cornerstone of defense governance is the participation of the entire spectrum of society in decision making, accountability, and the rule of law in democracies," stated Dr. Angelo. Guest speakers include representatives from the U.S. Defense Department, State Department, and Senate, and partners from Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Spain, Inter-American Defense Board, and James Madison University.