Perry Center Professor Conducts VTC Lecture with CEDEYAC Students

April 26, 2019

On April 25, speaking on the importance of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, Perry Center Professor Dr. Boris Saavedra addressed an audience of approximately 25 students enrolled the Peruvian Navy's Postgraduate War College's CEDEYAC (Strategic Leadership for Defense and Crisis Management) Course.  This program to students of various backgrounds, including government officials, officers from the armed forces and national police, and entrepreneurs.  The Perry Center has partnered with the War College for over seven years, providing subject matter expert lectures and other academic assistance.

Dr. Saavedra posited that cybersecurity is one of the fundamental pillars of a nation's critical infrastructure; the breadth and depth of these individual infrastuctures denotes the complexity of this issue.  It is of fundamental importance to clearly understand it in order to develop policies that are both practical and efficient, as the formulated strategies must provide adequate levels of security within cyberspace.  Anonymity, public-private relationships, resilience, risk analysis associated with costs and priorities, are among the issues that need to be addressed in the design of said policies that dictate an appropriate strategy for the protection of critical infrastructure.

Following his presentation, the students engaged Dr. Saavedra in a lively question and answers session.