MSD 2019 Begins

MSD 2019
Photo Credit: WJPC Staff
June 03, 2019

Today, the 2019 Managing Security and Defense (MSD) Senior Executive Seminar opened at the Perry Center. MSD is a week-long senior executive seminar whose content is tailored in response to the policy priorities of both the Western Hemisphere Affairs and the Security Cooperation offices in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, as well as the objectives outlined by US Southern and Northern Commands. The Perry Center is hosting over a dozen senior leaders from nine partner nations from their respective ministries of defense, national security, interior, as well as their armed forces and national legislatures.

Participants will work with seminar director Dr. Alejandra Bolaños, deputy director Professor Alejandro Alemán, current and former policy officials, and notable interagency thought leaders in the field of security and defense to address improved ministerial capacity through strengthening institutional governance. Participants will analyze a variety of factors that contribute to good governance, including addressing the principles and characteristics of good governance; examining key defense management processes such as policy formulation and resource management; employing tools to understand, analyze, and determine security and defense requirements in the strategic environment; and understanding the role key actors, other than defense ministries, play in the governance of the defense institution.

MSD seeks to build the capacity of senior executives in security and defense to better manage their respective sectors through effective policies and integrated decision making, to support a broader framework in the context of defense institution building (DIB), and to sustain a community of practice in Managing Security and Defense within the region. In addition to presenting ministry-level senior executives with tools they can employ in the management of large security and defense organizations, MSD provides a platform for open communication and effective collaboration through a combination of analytical lectures and group synthesis.