WJPC Alumni Organize Conference Against Human Trafficking

October 16, 2017

THE POWER OF THE NETWORK: Juan Carlos Morales of Costa Rica (CTOC 2017) organized the “International Convention against Human Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents,” which took place September 12-14 in San José, Costa Rica. Several alumni participated as speakers and presented their countries’ strategies against human trafficking and sex tourism.

Alumni Speakers:
Josué González – Mexico (CTOC 2017)
Nelson Noval – Argentina (CTOC 2017)
Camilo Sales Dornellas – Brazil (CTOC 2017)
Melissa Gamarra – Peru (HR/ROL 2017)
Javier Valerio – Costa Rica (SDPe 2015, CTOC 2017)